Touchscreen Technology Where You Need It

TouchControl is Advanced's first fire touchscreen. We've taken a different approach to ensure our users get the performance they expect.

TouchControl is Bigger

With a 10 inch screen TouchControl is one of the market’s largest touch screens.

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TouchControl is Stand-alone

TouchControl is not stuck in a fire panel, adding cost, complication and compromising on performance. It’s a network node in its own right.

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TouchControl is an RCT

TouchControl is a fully functional remote control terminal and repeater, offering full fire panel and network control and reporting.

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TouchControl is Active Maps

TouchControl’s active maps display live zone status information. They are created with our simple Map App.

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TouchControl is High Definition

TouchControl's high resolution display, shows pixel perfect information via Active Maps and its custom designed interface.

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TouchControl is Better Looking

For the first time a fire control panel enhances the architecture and interior of a building. TouchControl is designed to look as good as it performs

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