Performance, Control and Aesthetics

TouchControl delivers Advanced customers unprecedented fire system control and reporting features, including active maps.

Complete Control

TouchControl operates with Advanced’s three levels of user control, accessed via passcode. Depending on the level of access users can:

• Evacuate/Mute/Silence/Resound & Reset
• View fires/faults/disablements/alarms/inputs/outputs/supervisory and network via ‘instant filters’
• View/enable/disable zones
• View/enable/disable devices
• Enable/disable outputs by type
• Enable Walk Test mode
• Test display/zones/outputs/buzzer and LEDs
• Quickly access all zones in fire/fault/disablement/test via ‘instant filters’ and where allowed change status
• View 1,000 general and 500 Fire event log
• Set network time and date

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‘At a Glance’ System Status

TouchControl’s unique interface allows users to immediately identify zones and devices in fire,fault, disablement, test or normal operation by dynamic colour-coded status buttons.

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Interactive Maps On Board

TouchControl has interactive site maps and zone plan capability built-in, allowing indication and navigation via interactive maps as well as text and status indicators.Maps are easily added via our simple Map App, part of our acclaimed Dynamix Tools software suite.

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Presentation Display

TouchControl has been designed to find its home in highly visible public areas and the user can add a presentation to run when the fire screen is not in use. This could be a company introduction, visitor board or safety information. As soon as the screen is touched or a fire condition arises TouchControl reverts to fire operations.

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Powerful Navigation

The interface has been designed to be clear and quick to navigate. The status of every zone and device in the network can be quickly retrieved, displayed and manipulated.

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Customisable Interface

TouchControl’s interface is attractive, clear and simple to operate.

Users can select from a number of background images and styles or add their own via SD card.

Full control of contrast and brightness so screen can be optimised for location.

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