Easier Installation & Configuration

Advanced is famous for designing 'easy' into its systems. TouchControl is no different with a range of features that make life easier.

Easy Slide-in Installation

Two part enclosure for easy first fix and final installation. The metal chassis is easily installed and field wiring terminated. The touch screen unit slides into the chassis with minimal wiring connections.

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Larger Fire Screen as Standard

10” high resolution screen. Designed and tested to work with and without a fireman’s glove.

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Easily Configured

TouchControl is a fully active RCT and network device almost immediately after installation. Simply wire TouchControl onto the network, (fault tolerant or standard), and use its touch interface to assign a valid network address. TouchControl can be easily set to display specific zone information, or respond to specific sectors, using Advanced’s Dynamix Tools Config software.

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Low Profile

TouchControl sits flush with the wall in its own matching 13mm bezel. To access media USB and SD card ports, network connection and controls, the screen slides out of the chassis.

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Dedicated Status Indicators

TouchControl includes an array of LED indicators, independent of the touch screen interface, that will highlight Fire, Fault, System Fault, Disabled, Test and Power.

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Connections and Wiring

Monitored, external input for external PSU faults
Dual power supply inputs, independently monitored to allow redundant power feeds
Two core connection to network (fault tolerant or standard).

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