Easy Active Maps and Zone Plans

TouchControl features active maps and zone plans that dynamically show zone status information and allow navigation. Our Map App makes it really easy to add and configure them.

Easy Graphics with Touch Control

We’ve made it really easy to add active maps and zone plans to TouchControl. It’s a simple 5 step process using the Dynamix Tools Map App.

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Define Site

Create a site, with locations, buildings, floors etc as required. This is completely unlimited and easy, whether you are setting up a huge site with many buildings or a simple one storey office.

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Import Plan Drawing

Import site plans, zone plans, drawings, even google map views into the tool and to use them to navigate the fire network or display network information. Common file formats supported are: bmp, emf, gif, jpg, png, tif, wmf.

To import a plan or picture from an unsupported programme just take a screen grab of the relevant view and import that. Drawings can be flat, isometric, line drawings or full colour, even photographs. It’s the users choice. You can mix them together through the tool to always present the best information to TouchControl users.

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Draw a ‘Hotspot’ onto the relevant Map/Plan/Image

This can link to another view, say from isometric to plan, or a zoom from site to building or plan to fire zone. The hierarchy of site to building to zone is automatically maintained by the software.

By default the Map App centres the drawing in the touch screen display but a separate ‘view’ can be associated with it to ensure the correct detail is shown.

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Link the Hotspot to another Map or Drawing in the Tool or Fire Zone

This allows a more detailed view to be shown by pressing the hotspot desired or for the TouchControl to display zones in fire etc.

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Export the Maps to a microSD Card and insert into Touch Control

Use a microSD card to import active maps into the TouchControl RCT.

Job Done.

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